Deh Cho Bridge Celebrates 4th Anniversary With Busiest Year Yet

As the Deh Cho Bridge marked the fourth anniversary of its official opening on Nov. 30, the territorial government says it is on track to pay off the $202-million structure by 2046.

That is according to Ioana Spiridonica, spokesperson for the Department of Transportation.

The GNWT took out a 35-year, $165.4 million loan in bonds in 2011 to pay for the bridge which spans the Mackenzie River at Fort Providence.

All northbound commercial vehicles over 4,500 kilograms are subject to a toll at the bridge. Compliance is monitored through on-road patrols and an electronic toll monitoring system, which includes high-resolution cameras for capturing images of all bridge traffic. Northbound commercial vehicles have to pay a toll which ranges from $97 to $398 per crossing, depending upon how many axles. The bridge, on Highway 3, links Yellowknife and the North Slave Region to the rest of the southern part of the territory.


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