NWT Overview

The Northwest Territories is a land of remarkable beauty and tremendous economic opportunity. An abundance of resources support a thriving economy; diamonds, gold and other minerals, oil and natural gas. Through the Department of Industry, Tourism and Investment (ITI), the Government of the Northwest Territories is committed to expanding this positive environment for investment and growth by promoting economic opportunities for business and by linking prospective investors with the NWT’s evolving business community.


ITI works in partnership with many organizations to provide quality programs and services that promote and support Northwest Territories economic prosperity.

InvestNWT.com is a collaborative project between private enterprises and the Government of the Northwest Territories. Our goal is to inform and encourage investors interested in our booming northern economy.


This is a land of opportunities, where investors can realize long term growth and value investments in a positive business climate.  Partnerships are key here. First Nations and Inuvialuit Development Corporations are eager to partner with established businesses and entrepreneurs to develop mutually profitable joint ventures.  They can provide the kind of financial backing expanding businesses are seeking, for a share in revenues and employment benefits.

Some typical investments include transportation companies, food services, security services and camp management.

Willing Workforce

There’s a young, trainable workforce, and government and industry have shown their willingness to provide targeted workforce training. As an example, several hundred youth have been offered training in preparation for jobs in the mining industry, from hardrock miners to pipefitters to haul truck operators.

Support for Business

The Government of the Northwest Territories offers innovative programs to support new businesses that offer employment opportunities for our young and growing population.  Come talk to us, explore our programs, and let us introduce you to the business leaders who have a stake in our dynamic and sustainable Northwest Territories economy.

Private Sector Resources