Film, video, and digital media are the centre of a growing and dynamic industry in the Northwest Territories (NWT). Participation from local residents in the NWT is increasing and there are a number of projects currently in production. Experienced television and film professionals are available to offer their services and expertise to visiting production companies.

The arts, entertainment and recreation industry contributes seven million dollars to GDP in the buying Viagra online NWT. According to the Conference Board of Canada, the industry is expected to grow by seven per cent between 2013 and 2018. Currently, it accounts for less than one per cent of the NWT's GDP, but is an important source of income for many households in the territory. The industry also holds significant importance as a vehicle for tourism promotion within the territory. 

The unique characters, colourful history and unique geography have led to the success and legacy of Northern film productions such as Ice Pilots NWT, Ice Road Truckers, License to Drill and Arctic Air.

New initiatives are also in place to combat the issues of filming in the NWT, such as the high cost and remoteness. The NWT Film Commision has created a rebate program to encourage productions to film in the NWT, providing compensation for using local labour and products. 

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